A furious four-headed metalgroup known as Bill Skins Fifth salutes you from the streets of Salo and Turku, Finland. The story of Bill Skins Fifth began in early 2008. From the ashes of previous projects Timo Heikkilä, Henrik Hömppi and Aamos Ylönen decided to establish a new group with little more harder, heavier and faster grip to music compared to the projects long gone. In no time the new band was ready to record its first demo. The demo was named ‘Demo ’08’, it included two songs and was released in internet only.

2008 turned to 2009 and the urge to play live was growing strong but band lacked a bass player. After few auditions and session bassists later Bill Skins Fifth found its first regular bassist Sami Kuusisto. With a fierce attitude the band headed to the studio for the second time. BSF recorded its first, four song EP called ‘Act One’ that was released in 2010.

Compared to the ‘Demo 08’, the new songs was totally from another planet. Aggressive, fast and lethal. It received very good reception in media and audience and the band began to gain fanbase. It also brought the band its first European tour as a part of the Metallia Perkele! Tour.

After a bunch of successful gigs in Central-Europe and Finland, Bill Skins Fifth was again ready to hit the studio. Their third release was named ‘From What Lies Beneath’ and released in 2011. A five song EP full of tight modern metal with no excuses. Feedback was even better and the band and the EP gained titles like “The Band of the Month” and “Album of the Month”. Also BSF’s first music video was made for the song ‘Falsemation’.

2012 was little quieter for Bill Skins Fifth. A single called ’21st Century Wasteland’ was recorded and released but soon after the release the group parted ways with Sami Kuusisto because of his lack of time. The search for a new bass player began immediately and after some time BSF found perfect guy to fill the empty slot. Sami Leinonen jumped to the ship of Bill Skins Fifth from the lines of Affinity. With more confidence than ever BSF started to write new material with a new ability to use two vocalists. The new line-up started to bear fruit and headed for the studio. The result was a four song EP ‘For the Threat’ (2013). The new EP introduced a more technical and progressive side of the band and also received a lot of good reviews on a media (including ’Unsigned band of the Month’ on the Finland’s biggest metal magazine Inferno).

In the early 2014 BSF headed to studio again to record two new songs which would be released as a singles with music videos (Through These Desperate Days – 2014, The Dying 99 – 2015). After the 2014 studio session band decided to start working on a first full length album.